Should tech recruiters learn to code?

It's time to up your game tech recruiters. Learn something about programming, at least the very basic terminology and get to talk to developers in a professional way.

Caffè e Startup

Parliamo di caffè e startups. L'Inghilterra scopre il piacere di bere un buon caffè. Non solo, da bravi inglesi pensano anche a farne un business. Ci sono infatti almeno tre startup che iniziano a vendere caffè online.

Kasper - A theme for Jekyll

Ghost is a very interesting blogging platform written in Node.js and it features a good, simple and modern theme called Casper. I really like Casper and I wanted to port it to Jekyll. The result is Kasper.

London Hackers Guide

A short guide for all the hackers willing to live in London.

Chatting on using websockets

Adding a Chat box on is easier than you think. Here's a quick hack.

Lettera aperta agli studenti siciliani

Non andate a lavorare. Dopo la laurea, studiate quello che vi serve per far partire una startup.

Call Forwarding with Twilio and Sinatra

Say you want to buy a virtual phone number, and you'd like to redirect calls to your mobile number. There could be different reasons why you'd want to have another phone number, without having to carry a physical phone.

HTML5 Video Streaming over WebSockets using Pusher

Using the new getUserMedia it's possible to send a stream of images over websockets. An experiment with Node.js and Pusher Pipe.

Responsive images

Mobile phones don't need to download fullsize images. Although responsive images are still a work in progress, there's a quick way to save bandwidth and load small images for mobile phones.

Chatting on Twitter (2/2)

How to setup Sprockets without Rails. Self referencial association with DataMapper. Delayed job for Sinatra.

Chatting on Twitter (1/2)

Can we embed a chat widget on Twitter? Yes, with few tricks and Pusher we can create a widget and chat with our Twitter friends.