Should tech recruiters learn to code?

It’s time to up your game tech recruiters. Learn something about programming, at least the very basic terminology and get to talk to developers in a professional way.

Tech recruiters + coding skills?

I run coding workshops in London, teaching people how to code simple websites from scratch. I’ve been trying to find a niche, a group of people that could benefit from knowing the very basics of web development. It’s 2014, surely people working in tech-recruitment agencies should know the difference between HTML and CSS.

I thought that tech recruiters might be interested so I decided to get in touch with them. Properly talking to them on the phone. Here’s how it went.

Hello, I’m a developer

It would have been too easy to send emails. Instead, it was going to be more fun to actually cold calling them on the phone, their preferred way of communication!.

Ouch. It didn’t go well. But it was a fun experience. I would always ask the question:

You are currently recruiting web developers. I can teach you the difference between HTML and CSS? Do you think it could help you?

No. No thanks. No, sorry. No no. No, but… are you currently looking for a job? Ah! No thanks. What? NO! No, no no. Not interested, thanks for the call. No. No.

There’s hope!

I must to improve my marketing skills. Most of the time, the people answering the phone thought I wanted to hire. I adjusted my pitch saying right in the beginning that I wasn’t looking to hire anyone, although it didn’t help much!

Hopefully I’ll be able to convince some tech recruiters to come and attend the coding workshops, sooner or later they’ll also need to up their game, and knowing at least something about software development won’t cause any harm.

Care to help?

If you’d like to help, let your favourite tech recruiters in London know about these coding workshops.